The Pledge, why do we say it?

We had quite the lengthy debate in class on this, so I will just rehash that quickly.

Anti-pledge people argument(s):

1.) It is an infringement on your freedom of religion.

2.) It doesn’t even really represent American values.

3.) Even if it’s a sign of patriotism, how patriotic is it to stand up and say the pledge?

Pro-pledge argument(s):

1.) The people who are bringing this up in court are using their kids to push their own agenda

2.) Not mentioning God is an infringement on freedom of religion

I did my best to mention the pro-pledge arguments, because I can’t say that there were actually any coherent responses from that side. They simply resorted to personal attacks at those who were arguing them, spewing off one-liners about patriotism and things of that sort. I believe one person even said that there are soldiers who were fighting in wars in the United States army who lost their legs and can’t stand for the pledge, therefore we should.

The first pro argument is basically a non-response, and therefore it is nearly impossible to respond to. It does not matter where the argument is sourced from, as well as it is thought-out and logical, which it is. Personal attacks tend to be a sign of someone who realizes they are losing in an argument, as logos is the laziest form of persuasion.

The second pro argument is at least a coherent response, which means I can at least respond to that one. I would argue that the second point actually works in favor of the anti-pledge group, as it is correct in saying that removing God from the pledge could be an infringement on freedom of religion, which is why the pledge should not be said at all. If it can’t be said without infringing on freedom of religion, then it is a clear contradiction to the same American values it claims to be a symbol for. The pledge is just something we do every day because it is something we have been told is important to do since a young age. It is not a deep-rooted American tradition, as the pledge has only been around for roughly a hundred years.

And if you think that the pledge has even been done the same for that long, let me show you the old pledge salute, pre-hand over heart…


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