The Wave at baseball games needs to stop

The Wave is a horrible tradition that has spread throughout baseball stadiums in the US, and it needs to stop. There is nothing more annoying than when you are sitting at a baseball game, and then all of a sudden every single fan sitting around you decides to stand up and start screaming with their hands in the air.

When you are at a baseball game, you are there to enjoy the game of baseball. The game of baseball is a very intricate one that includes roughly 4-5 moments per game that one can not miss. The wave makes it possible for one to miss a moment that they do not want to miss, or else it would ruin the enjoyment of the sport one is there to watch.

One may say that is it simply fun tradition, and that ultimately baseball is just a form of entertainment. My rebuttal to that is while baseball is entertainment, standing up and screaming is not something you do at random during a baseball game. There are other appropriate settings in which one can do that, without taking away from the enjoyment of the sport by others.

The wave is pointless, as it is simply just a bunch of people standing up and sitting down in order, which really is not good enough for me to risk missing a can’t-miss play from the sport I love.

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