WIC Benefits and the Shutdown

In most situations, people would tend to pick the option where the pregnant women and their children get proper nutrition. The government shutdown created a dilemma in regard to the Women, Infants, and Children benefits, as the funding for their program was cut due to lack of funds stemming from the shutdown.

The issue when it comes to discussing the wisdom, or logic, of the shutdown, is that there really was not much of either behind it. It was caused by an entire branch of our government failing to do their jobs. If a teacher decided that they weren’t going to teach class anymore because they disagreed with common core standards, then they would be fired for not cooperating. If a congressman decides not to legislate because they disagree with the Affordable Care Act, then they are either a super-villain or a hero, depending on which side the coin landed on for a given individual. The shutdown is not something that was intended to happen by anyone involved, so giving thought to the cost and benefit of it is likely overkill.

As far as the impact on our economy goes, it is hard to see how this could help to improve the situation. People not having spending money means that they will be relying on aid from programs (especially government ones), and one does not have to be an economist to understand the blow that is to the United States’ economy. While this is not the intended topic, people miss the fact that the Affordable Care Act, in theory, will improve the United States economically in the long run. People will have more spending money to invest back into the economy, which could in turn help to stimulate it. It functions as a vicious cycle. Poor people have to eat bad food (the cheapest food is the worst for you!), bad food makes you sick, and if you’re sick and poor then there was not an abundance of aid pre-Affordable Care Act to help you pay for those bills.

The point here being- When you you are forcing people to pay for needs, they can not invest their money into wants. People need to be able to purchase wants in order for our economy to flourish, and the lack of funding for the WIC is going to cause people to have to spend more money on needs.

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